Buying, Renting, Selling & Letting Property

Homeowners' Obligations

Here you can learn about the Government charges for a homeowner and how to maintain your home. A list of registered contractors is also provided.

Renting a Domestic Property

Find out what you should consider when renting a domestic property, from appointing an estate agent and signing a tenancy agreement to paying rents and continuing or terminating a tenancy, and check out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Leasing out a Domestic Property

Learn more about what you need to pay attention to when leasing out your domestic property, such as appointing an estate agent, signing a tenancy agreement, paying stamp duty and related tax filing. You can read about your rights and responsibilities as a landlord here.

Government Properties to Let

Check out what domestic (e.g. surplus staff quarters) and non-domestic (e.g. shops, advertising space, carparks and canteens) government properties are currently available for letting.

Buying a Domestic Property

This article provides information and things to consider for buying a domestic property.

Selling a Domestic Property

This article provides information and points to note for selling a domestic property.

Things to Know about Purchasing First-hand Residential Properties

There are certain things you have to pay attention to when purchasing a first-hand residential property. This article will provide some tips for you.