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To better serve you
GovHK is now more RESPONSIVE to your needs

The GovHK portal has put on a fresh, sophisticated look! Whatever devices you are using to browse GovHK, our new responsive web design will give you the optimal viewing and interaction experience by automatically adjusting the contents to perfectly fit the screen sizes, resolutions and orientation. Everything is streamlined for smooth navigation and enhanced usability.



Come and tour around our revamped website here!

All sections are placed in fluid grids to facilitate reading by minimising resizing, scrolling and panning.



The floating menu keeps hovering on the top so you can switch to other pages anytime.



Simplified navigation with drop-down menus makes your access to interior webpages much easier with fewer clicks.



The three User Groups are readily distinguishable with the use of different colours.



Key services and popular items are featured under Quick Links.



Apart from being aesthetically modern, our redesigned webpages are more agile and user-friendly to offer a consistent user experience so you can get what you expect more quickly.



Are you ready to experience how RESPONSIVE we are?

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Found this page helpful?
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Last review date: February 2021
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