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Websites are significant sources of information and services, which is why they should be accessible to as many people as possible. Here you can learn about website accessibility, what has been done to make GovHK more accessible, and the types of software and useful links that you can download to improve your browsing experience.

How Accessible is GovHK?

Throughout the development of GovHK, we have placed significant priority on its accessibility. Consultations were made with organisations representing people with special needs such as the visually impaired, to ensure that they can easily access GovHK for the government information and services they need. A range of features has been built in to GovHK as a result of these consultations.

How You Can Customise Your Browser Settings

You can also consider adjusting your browser settings for the best view of GovHK. The following are links to tips for adjusting the setting on some popular web browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox, by

  • Changing default font size of webpages
  • Changing the colours, font styles or font sizes to your choice
  • Suppressing the animations or videos on webpages
  • Suppressing pictures on webpages

Where to Download Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set and Software for Reading GovHK Content

GovHK includes documents and files in a number of formats such as PDF, Word and others. You may need to download and install specific software to read some of these files. Moreover, you may need to install the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) to view Chinese characters properly. Below are the links to download HKSCS and other necessary software:

GovHK Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

Even though the Internet is often considered as a visual medium, the visually impaired can access it with screen readers. People with low vision can also access webpages with screen magnifying software. GovHK has been designed with this in mind, including a number of features that make the use of screen readers and magnifiers easier.

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