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The elderly are more prone to certain health problems than other age groups. This is a concern with Hong Kong's aging population, but information and public services are available to help the elderly stay healthy and to enable their carers to take better care for them.

Common Health Problems among the Elderly

Learning more about the health problems common to the elderly and their causes can help the elderly and their carers to guard against them or detect them early. The Elderly Health Service website contains information on the symptoms and management of these conditions, and on related support services that are available for further help.

Health Centres and Hospitals Targeted at the Elderly

The Elderly Health Centres of the Department of Health provide health assessment, physical check up, counselling, curative treatment and health education services to the elderly. Senior citizens aged 65 and above can enrol as members of these centres. In addition, Geriatric Day Hospitals under the Hospital Authority provide multidisciplinary assessment, continued care and rehabilitation to geriatric patients.

How the Elderly Can Stay Healthy

Like everyone else, elderly people should undertake a moderate amount of exercise each day and lead a healthy lifestyle. This will help them to deal with daily life situations. The Elderly Health Service also provides tips on healthy lifestyles and self-help for the elderly.

Tips for Taking Care of the Elderly

Taking care of the elderly requires specific skills, especially when the carer is dealing with a chronic health problem such as dementia or a stroke. The Carers' Corner of the Elderly Health Service website provides you with all the information you need as a carer, including tips and other practical advice.

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