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Chinese Medicine Service by the Hospital Authority

Here you can search the Chinese medicine clinics by areas, services and service hours.

Issuing of Sick Leave Certificates and Other Medical Proofs by Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Learn about the details on the issuance of sick leave certificates and other medical proofs by registered Chinese medicine practitioners here.

List of Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Chinese Medicine Practitioners with Limited Registration

Here you can find the latest lists of registered Chinese medicine practitioners and registered Chinese medicine practitioners with limited registration.

List of Listed Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Here you can find the latest list of listed Chinese medicine practitioners

List of "Notice of Confirmation of Transitional Registration of pCm"

Search this database for the proprietary Chinese medicine having "Notice of Confirmation of Transitional Registration of pCm".

List of Licensed Chinese Medicines Traders

Search this database for licensed Chinese medicines traders and holders of Certificate for Manufacturer (Good Manufacturing Practice for Proprietary Chinese Medicines)

Last review date: February 2017