Communications & Technology

Business Licence Information Service

Find out what specific government licences, permits, certificates and approvals you need to start your business operations in Hong Kong by filling simple information here.

Business Licence Information Service

Online Licence Services

Here you can submit various applications for Liquor Licence and Club Liquor Licence, and check the status of your application for premises-related licences for food business, clubhouse, hotel, guesthouse, etc.

Restaurant Licensing Resource Centre and Licence Issuing Offices

Find out what you should know to apply for restaurant licence, including types of licence, application forms, address of license issuing offices and fees.

Information on Import and Export

Visit the Import & Export section of GovHK to find details regarding licensing requirements on import and export in Hong Kong.

Applying for Telecommunications Licences

Learn more about various kinds of telecommunications licences in Hong Kong here. Certain kinds of licences can be applied online.

Applying for Telecommunications Licences

Applying for Money Service Operator Licence

The Money Service Operators Licensing System (MSOS) provides comprehensive electronic services.  The features include user-friendly online applications for the grant/renewal of money service operator licence, addition of directors/ultimate owners/partners or new business premises, submission of periodic returns; online enquiry of application result / progress and inspection of the register of licensees.

Applying for Environmental Permits & Licences

To operate businesses in Hong Kong, you will need to observe the environmental protection ordinances and apply for permits and licences as required. Here you can learn about the legislation that has been enacted to protect the local environment, whether your business needs an environmental permit or licence, and how to apply for permits or licences.

Applying for Environmental Permits & Licences

Applying for Licence of Residential Care Homes for the Elderly & Health Worker Registration

All residential care homes for the elderly (RCHEs) must be licensed to legitimise their operations. Check out how to apply for a licence, details of registration of health workers, training courses for them and much more.

EMSD Web-based Registration Services

Use this online service on MyGovHK to submit electronic applications to EMSD for selected services such as Application for Electrical Contractor Registration, submission for Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme under the relevant statutory controls.

Last review date: March 2017