Leisure Activities

Search for Leisure Activities

Find all kinds of community recreation and sports programmes organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Chinese dance, Tai Chi, table-tennis, canoeing and much more. Search by district, date and activity type, and enrol online through the Leisure Link Internet booking service.

The Benefits, Rules and Techniques of Sports

Learn about how to exercise to yield the most benefits, different sports rules and techniques, and where to go for sports.

Outdoor Family Activities

Check out the fascinating places and facilities for outdoor family activities in Hong Kong, including beaches, country parks and campgrounds.

Leisure and Cultural Activities for the Elderly

Learn about the community support services, leisure and cultural activities available for the elderly.

Indoor Leisure and Cultural Activities for Families

Here you can learn about the indoor activities provided by the Government for families in Hong Kong, including cultural activities, sports, exhibitions in museums and library activities.

Youth Recommended Activities

Find details about cultural, educational and recreational programmes and events for youth.

First Aid

This article introduces the basic knowledge of first aid and the organisations that provide first aid trainings.

Cycling in Hong Kong

Here you can get the points to note when cycling in both urban and rural areas, and learn about the organised cycling activities and competitive cycling in Hong Kong.

Popular Places for Taking Photos

Learn about the popular places to take outdoor photos in Hong Kong, ranging from rugged landscapes and heritage areas to our cityscape.