Rates & Government Rent


Owners and occupiers of properties in Hong Kong are liable to pay rates. Learn more about how rateable value is assessed, how to make payment, and how you can raise objections to a valuation or revaluation. Forms for serving notices of objection and proposals are also available for download here.

Government Rent

Learn about the types of Government rent and where to find more information.

eRVD Bill Service

Use this online service to receive the electronic demand for rates and/or Government rent issued around early January, April, July and October every year.

Online Enquiries on Rateable Value of Properties

Use this online service to check the rateable value of properties for the latest three years of assessment as recorded in the Valuation List and Government Rent Roll.

Online Enquiries on Rates and Government Rent Balance

Use this online service to make enquiries on your rates and Government rent account balance for payment purposes.

Change of Rates and Government Rent Payer's Particulars

Submit your request for a change of rates and/or Government rent payer's particulars via this online service.

Enquiry on Progress of Submitted Change of Payer’s Particular Request

Enter your transaction reference No. to enquire the progress of submitted change of payer’s particular request.

Online Submission of Forms Relating to Rates, Government Rent and Tenancy Matters

Submit online forms in connection with objections to rating or Government rent assessments, provision of particulars of tenements and endorsement of new lettings or renewal agreements.