Green Living

Saving Energy

The energy that we use in our homes pollutes the environment and reduces the availability of energy in the future. Luckily, changing this situation is not difficult. Learn about why you should try to save energy, and easy ways that you can do so.

Tips for Saving Water

Fresh water is a precious resource in Hong Kong, and we all need to do as much as we can to preserve it. Learn about why water should be saved, how you can do so at home and in the workplace, and the potential that reclaimed water has to improve the condition of our environment.

Hong Kong Second-hand Exchange

Hong Kong Second-hand Exchange is a free community service provided by Environmental Protection Department to facilitate the exchange of unwanted but reusable item to help reduce, reuse and recycle waste in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Second-hand Exchange

Green Shopping Tips

Helping to save the environment is not difficult. Find out why even your shopping habits can make a difference and tips about shopping.

Greener Transportation

Having your own car may be very convenient, but it comes at a greater price than what you pay for petrol. Learn about the impact of your vehicle on the environment, and pick up some tips on how to think green when you travel.

Green Tips for Holidays

Holidays can be festive occasions, but you may generate a large amount of waste when celebrating and having parties. Learn about the '3R' concept (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), and what you can do to reduce waste on festive occasions.

Helping to Clean the Air

Air pollution may look daunting, but you can contribute to cleaner air in small ways. Learn about the air pollution in Hong Kong, and what you can do about it when driving, at home and at work.

Helping to Clean the Air

Green Tips for Home Renovation

Renovations can produce a great deal of waste if not handled properly. Learn about the management issues you should consider, the availability of green building products, indoor air quality problems that might arise, how to reduce renovation waste and how to dispose of the remaining waste properly.

Green Office Management

Through practising green management in the office, we can use resources more efficiently, reduce waste, save energy and money, and help improve our working environment. Learn about some useful tips for green office management.

Food Wise

Each one of us can play an active role to reduce food waste at source. We all can do to become much more aware of the food we buy and eat, and to treasure our good fortune to have sufficient food to nourish us. By avoiding food wastage, we will play our part for the environment. So, take more care not to waste. Don’t be a Big Waster.

Food Wise

Tips for Greening in Buildings

Greening in buildings contributes to liveability of densely populated cities by improving living environment and quality of living, enhancing ecological value and reducing urban heat island effect.