Family Services & Support

Family Crisis Support Centre

The Family Crisis Support Centre is operated by Caritas – Hong Kong. It aims to assist individual and families in crisis or distress by providing integrated services such as short-term intervention with overnight accommodation and hotline service. Click here to know more about the centre.

Family Life Education Online

Harmonious family relationship can help prevent family and social problems. This website introduces family life education, which touches on topics like marriage relationship, parenting and adolescence growth.

Adoption Service

Are you thinking about adopting a child? Find out more about the adoption service provided by the Social Welfare Department and the application procedures here.

Foster Care Service

The Social Welfare Department provides foster care services to children under 18, whose parents cannot adequately take care of them due to family problems or emergency situations. Learn more about the service and the application procedures here. You can also find information on joining the service as foster parents.

Integrated Family Services

Find out more about the services provided by Integrated Family Service Centres here. Check out their locations and service boundaries.

Support for Victims of Child Abuse, Spouse/Cohabitant Battering and Sexual Violence

Find out the service and support available for victims of child abuse, spouse/cohabitant battering and sexual violence in Hong Kong, including welfare services, medical and health services, legal aid and how the Police can intervene.

Harmony at Home

Here you can learn where to look for information on seeking family harmony as well as the support and services offered to families.

Getting a Divorce

Here you will learn what you need to go through when you want to file for a divorce and support services for the persons involved.