Points to Note for Air Passengers

Security Measures for Cabin Baggage

The Civil Aviation Department had adopted security measures for screening liquids, gels and aerosol in cabin baggage in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization's guidelines. Find more details from here.

Articles Restricted to be Carried into Aircraft Cabin

There are six categories of restricted articles regulated by the Civil Aviation Department. The items must not be carried into the cabin of an aircraft or carried beyond the security screening checkpoints of the Hong Kong International Airport. Check out the details here.

Booking Tips for Air Passengers

The terms and conditions of air tickets may vary with different ticket types and with different airlines.  Check out the important points to note before you make a booking.

Packing Tips for Air Passengers

The law restricts the type and quantity of dangerous goods allowed to be carried by passengers. Some daily goods can be a danger to you or the aircraft in flight due to temperature and pressure difference. Get the packing tips and notes here for a safe journey.

Air Passenger Departure Tax and Refund

Check out the current rate of the Air Passenger Departure Tax and find out if you may be exempted from it. You can also download the form to apply for refund here.

Advice to Travellers on Customs Control

Find out what dutiable or controlled items you need to declare upon arrival in Hong Kong and what duty-free concessions you may be eligible for.

Travelling outside Hong Kong

Here you can find practical information about travel documents, travel protection, world weather and climatological information for your preparation.