Services for Persons with Disabilities

Government Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities

The Scheme enables elderly people aged 60 or above and eligible persons with disabilities to travel on designated public transport modes and services at a concessionary fare of $2 per trip.

Services and Support for Persons with Disabilities

Find out more about the range of rehabilitation services and vocational training support for people with disabilities, as offered by the Social Welfare Department. You can also learn more about the access support available for the disabled on public transport and in public venues in Hong Kong.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Find out more about the recruitment service to employers and service for open employment to job seekers with disabilities provided by the Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department.

Embracing Social Inclusion

Here you can learn about the services the Government offers to help people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, new arrivals and the underprivileged to integrate into the community.