Responsible Persons’ Corner – Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter618)

This webpage provides sample tender specification and guidelines for lift/escalator maintenance to assist building owners and management agencies to procure maintenance services.  Information such as Contractors’ Performance Rating, maintenance price information of lifts at Government premises, guidelines and promotional videos related to lift and escalator can also be downloaded in this webpage for the responsible persons to manage the lift and escalator maintenance works.

Guidebook for Responsible Persons for Lifts (PDF File)

Check out this Guidebook for the operation and maintenance of lifts, including legislative requirements, points to note on daily operation, handling of emergencies, contractual and maintenance issues, etc.

List of Registered Lift and Escalator Contractors

Check out the list for the addresses, telephone and fax numbers of registered lift and escalator contractors.

Safe Use of Lifts and Escalators

You can refer to this webpage for the basic guidelines for the safe use of lifts and escalators.

Leaflet – Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter 618) (PDF File)

The Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter 618) (“the Ordinance”) has been coming into operation in December 2012 and repeals the Lifts and Escalators (Safety) Ordinance (Chapter 327).  This leaflet outlines the key measures of the Ordinance.

Guidelines for Modernising Existing Lifts (PDF File)

These Guidelines aim to help lift owners implement enhancement and modernisation solutions to make their existing lifts more safe, effective, reliable, and comfortable.

Guidelines for Safe Use of Lifts and Escalators (PDF File)

This leaflet shows the safety guidelines for use of lifts and escalators

EMSD Web-based Registration Services

Use this online service on MyGovHK to submit electronic applications to EMSD for selected services such as Application for a Use Permit Permitting a Lift to Continue to be Used and Operated, Application for a Use Permit Permitting an Escalator to Continue to be Used and Operated under the relevant statutory controls.