Fire Prevention at Home

Fire Safety at Home

Learn about the fire safety requirements for a residential building, safety issues for sub-divided units, fire prevention in the home and what to do in case of fire.

Fire Precautions (Video)

A series of fire precautions video introduces survival tips and ambulance services

Application for Fire Safety Talk / Evacuation Drill / Exhibition

The Fire Services Department provides fire safety education to any company or organisation upon request. The public may contact Community Relations Section or any local fire station for details.

Application for Visit to Fire Station / Ambulance Depot

The public can submit online application for visit to a fire station or an ambulance depot.

Fire Safety Ambassador Club

The Fire Safety Ambassador Club aims to promote fire safety to the public and various organisations. Members are not only provided with basic fire protection training, but also take part in promotional and recreational activities to exchange experiences. You can enroll individually or apply through your affiliated organisations