The Gazette

The Gazette

Read the latest Gazette published by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government here.

The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette is normally published on Friday and consists of seven parts :

  • Main Gazette - statutory notices, for appointments, departmental notices and public tenders;
  • Legal Supplements: No. 1 - Ordinances, No. 2 - Regulations and No. 3 - Bills;
  • Special Supplement No. 4 - Periodical lists of registered professionals, etc;
  • Special Supplement No. 5 - Draft Bills, Executive Orders, Orders of the State Council, etc; and
  • Supplement No. 6 - Public Notices.

In addition, Gazette Extraordinary is published when there is a special need on a day other than Friday with its own sequence of issue numbers and notice numbers.

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Advertising in the HK Government Gazette

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