Schools & Admission Information

Primary School Profiles

This website allows you to search for primary schools by district and provides comprehensive information about the schools.

Primary School Profiles

Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools

Check out the list of Direct Subsidy Scheme schools and reference for parents here.

International Schools in Hong Kong

This website provides information relating to international schools in Hong Kong for the parents, existing and potential school operators and the community.

Primary One Admission

Learn about the Primary One Admission System for government and aided primary schools.

Primary One Admission

Preparing for the First Day at Primary School

Find out tips on preparing your children for the first day at primary school.

Placement Assistance

Check out the frequently asked questions about school placement.

Vacancy Situation of Schools

Obtain contact means to know the actual vacancy situation at individual schools in the district.

Quality Assurance for Schools

Learn about the framework of School Development and Accountability adopted by the Government in assuring the quality of education in local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Committee on Home-School Co-operation

The Committee aims to promote home-school cooperation for the nurturing of the younger generations and educational development of the community. Find out more information here.