eTraffic News

“eTraffic News” provides the latest news of traffic incidents and service disruption of public transport services with concise headlines, enabling users to grasp the brief details of the incidents at a glance.  Customised notifications for designated categories and muting periods are also available.  Moreover, the app lists out the major traffic notices issued by the Transport Department, and will issue alerts to users on the effective dates for advance journey planning.

Features include:

  1. Classification according to the incident nature, with concise headlines for easy understanding
  2. Options for users to receive alerts according to incident categories
  3. Muting period available
  4. Options for users to forward the contents to advise relatives/friends of the latest traffic conditions
  5. Provision of major traffic notices of the Transport Department, including special traffic arrangements and major road works, with alerts sent on the effective dates
  6. Scrolling text bar to draw attention to important messages

 This app requires iOS 7.0 or later, or Android OS 4.1 or later.

iPhone VersionAndroid Phone Version
Last review date: September 2016
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