Completion and/or Submission of Employer's Return

Filing Employer’s Returns and Notifications

  • Employer can file Employer’s Annual Returns BIR56A plus IR56B, IR6036B plus IR56M and Employer’s Notifications IR56E/IR56F/IR56G under eTAX through the Internet
  • Employer can online complete and submit Employer’s Annual Returns and Notifications up to 30 sets of these forms in one go each time
  • Employer can also online complete BIR56A and upload a data file of up to 800 IR56B records in internet submission format generated from self-developed software pre-approved by IRD or IR56B software provided by IRD
  • Employer can only file Employer’s Annual Return (BIR56A/IR6036B) once for each year of assessment.  Multiple submissions for the same year are not allowed
  • Correction /Amendment of IR56B/IR56M previously filed and original IR56B/IR56M that were omitted in previous filing of BIR56A/IR6036B can be filed through Internet.  They can be filed in the same go with original/ replacement/ additional forms of IR56E/ IR56F/ IR56G.  Each submission is up to 30 sets of forms and multiple submissions in a day are allowed
  • Employer must input the “Employer’s Identification Code”(ERIC) printed on the Annual Employer’s Return to confirm the identity before submission. The “ERIC” will be updated every year

Features of Internet filing

  • Fill in employer’s details once is enough, no need to repeat on each form
  • Can select Chinese/English language for printing each individual form completed online
  • Can save the online completed and submitted IR56 forms on individual basis for distribution to employee/ recipient
  • Can use the Annual Employer’s Return file of IR56B/IR56M completed online and submitted through the Internet for a previous year to direct transfer employee’s/ recipient’s personal particulars to the new employer’s return/ notification for the same employee/ recipient.  It makes future filing of returns faster and easier
  • The Preparer must input a Self-selected Key (by own choice of 6 to 8 characters) when he starts to complete new returns online.  The Key will be used as an authentication for subsequent opening of the saved return file
  • Can preview summary of forms completed online
  • eTAX Account holder can sign and submit the forms collectively online. No need to sign on each sheet of form
  • Instant e-Acknowledgement of receipt will be issued through e-mail to employer and other persons nominated by employer
  • No need to obtain paper forms from IRD or to download from the Internet
  • A secure service operating day and night
  • Integrity and confidentiality of data preserved
  • Instant transmission of data and no queuing or postage required

Who can use the “Completion and/or Submission of Employer’s Return” service

Only an eTAX Account holder in the following capacity, through login his/her eTAX account, can use the “Completion and/or Submission of Employer’s Return” service to sign and submit Employer’s Return.

  • Proprietor for a sole proprietorship business
  • Precedent Partner for a partnership business
  • Company Secretary, Manager or Director for a corporation
  • Principal Officer for a body of persons

Filer may complete Employer’s Return or upload a file of IR56B records (in internet submission format) for validation from the beginning and then sign and submit the returns.  Filer may also use a draft return, prepared under the “Completion of Employer’s Return” service.  He may edit the file as appropriate. He may also upload a file of IR56B records validated by the “Completion of Employer’s Return” service.  He should sign and submit the returns afterwards.

If you do not have an eTAX Account, click here to open one. 

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Last revision date: April 2018
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