Crisis Support

Suicide Prevention Services

The Suicide Crisis Intervention Centre (SCIC) by the Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong provides round-the-clock outreaching service, crisis intervention and counselling to people at moderate or high suicidal risk. Find out more about SCIC’s services here.

Services for Drug Abusers

Learn more about the services available for drug abusers, including community-based and residential treatment, rehabilitation and counselling.

Information on Pathological Gambling

Learn more about pathological gambling, including its causes, early warning signs, prevention and treatment, as well as organisations which offer help.

Services for Youth at Risk

Find out more on services for youth at risk, including District Youth Outreaching Social Work Service, Overnight Outreaching Service for Young Night Drifters, Community Support Service Scheme and Hotline Service for Youth at Risk.

Family Crisis Support Centre

The Family Crisis Support Centre is operated by Caritas – Hong Kong. It aims to assist individual and families in crisis or distress by providing integrated services such as short-term intervention with overnight accommodation and hotline service. Click here to know more about the centre.

Support for Victims of Child Abuse, Spouse/Cohabitant Battering and Sexual Violence

Find out the service and support available for victims of child abuse, spouse/cohabitant battering and sexual violence in Hong Kong, including welfare services, medical and health services, legal aid and how the Police can intervene.