Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief Services

ER Services help victims of natural or other disasters and also for evacuees of buildings and premises considered to be dangerous under Closure Orders by means of providing cooked meals (or cash-in-lieu of meals) and relief articles. Find out more details here.

Charitable / Trust Funds

Check out the major charitable / trust funds administered by the Social Welfare Department for people to tide over financial hardship under special and emergency situations.

Short-term Food Assistance Service Projects

SWD has commissioned seven non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to operate seven Short-term Food Assistance Service Projects covering the whole territory to help individuals and families who have difficulties in coping with their daily food expenditure.  Find out more details here.

Temporary Shelters, Cold Shelters and Night Heat Shelters

The Home Affairs Department provides emergency relief services to people affected by natural disasters in Hong Kong. Learn more about their services and find out where its temporary shelters, cold shelters and night heat shelters are located.