Electricity & Gas

Periodic Test for Fixed Electrical Installations in Buildings

Owners of electrical installations, including owners’ corporations, the building management agents, landlords, occupiers and tenants, shall have their installations inspected, tested and certified periodically. This webpage provides relevant information for the public and electrical trade members.

Search for Registered Electrical Contractors

Here you can check information on and the authenticity of registered electrical contractors listed in the registers.

Search for Registered Electrical Workers

You can search this register for the information on and the authenticity of electrical workers registered.

Safety Tips for Gas Service Risers and Installation Pipes

As owner, you should arrange to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of service risers and installation pipes to ensure gas safety. This webpage provides relevant information for the public and gas trade members.

List of Registered Gas Contractors (PDF File)

Owner of a service riser and an installation pipe should employ a registered gas contractor to arrange for regular inspection or maintenance for gas installation. You can find a list of registered gas contractors here.

Search for Registered Gas Installers

You can check from this register the authenticity of gas installers and the types of work they can carry out by entering his / her registration number and name.

Avoiding Danger from Gas Pipes (Guide to Estate Management Companies) (PDF File)

This leaflet provides guidance to estate management companies on how to take reasonable measures to supervise refurbishment works that involve excavation near gas pipes within the estate boundary.