Electrical Safety at Home

Household Electrical Safety Handbook

Learn how you can ensure household electrical safety and protect your family members and property through this handbook.

Household Electrical Products with Certificates of Safety Compliance

You can search the registers for models of household electrical products with certificates of safety compliance.

Dos and Don'ts for Users of Induction Cookers (PDF File)

Learn about the safety tips for using induction cookers in this leaflet.

Electrical Products Recalled / Prohibited

Check out the list of electrical products recalled / prohibited provided by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. You can look up the brand model, cause of hazard and the recall / prohibition date of the electrical products.

Safety Tips for Installation and Use of Washing Machines (PDF File)

This pamphlet provides the guidelines on how to install and use washing machines properly.

Safety Tips for Electric Fans (PDF File)

This poster illustrates how to use electric fans in a proper way.

Safety Tips for TV Sets (PDF File)

Read this poster for the dos and don’t’s of using TV sets to avoid accidents.

Safe Use of Plugs, Adaptors and Extension Units (PDF File)

You can refer to this pamphlet for the requirements and precautions of using plugs, adaptors and extension units.