Services from the Police

e-Report Room by the Hong Kong Police

You can make online reports or complaints to the Police about lost property, noise in the neighbourhood and vehicle obstruction, etc. Includes information about the 992 SMS Emergency Hotline Service and the contact details of all police station report rooms here.

Certificate of No Criminal Conviction

The Hong Kong Police issues certificates of no criminal conviction at the request of foreign consulates applying for visas to visit or reside in another country. Find out how to apply locally or from overseas and the processing fee involved.

Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC)

This administrative scheme enables employers of persons undertaking child-related work and work relating to mentally incapacitated persons to check whether eligible applicants have any criminal conviction records against a specified list of sexual offences.

Junior Police Call (JPC)

The JPC aims to improve communication and understanding between the police and the youth of Hong Kong. By providing activities, facilities and training programmes, the JPC encourages youngsters to be aware of their responsibilities in the community. Find out all about JPC here.

Criminal Conviction Data Access Request (CCD)

The Public can enquire whether there is any criminal conviction record against him/her being kept by the Hong Kong Police Force. Find out how to make the data access request here.