Cleaner Production Partnership Programme

Cleaner production is an integrated approach for pollution prevention and control.  There are many examples where cleaner production does not only help factories enhance their environmental performance, but also bring about economic benefits to factories through controlling pollution at source, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing consumption of materials. Therefore, cleaner production is an investment which can bring about both environmental and economic benefits, thus achieve a win-win situation for factory operation.

Case examples of cleaner production

Cleaner Production Partnership Programme

Cleaner Production Partnership ProgrammeTo encourage and facilitate Hong Kong-owned factories operating in Guangdong and Hong Kong to adopt cleaner production technologies and practices, the Environmental Protection Department launched the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme (the Programme) in collaboration with the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province (GDEIC) in April 2008.  With the support of the key stakeholders and the active participation of the industries, the Programme has been progressing well.  Upon the completion of the first two phases of the Programme on 31 March 2015, over 2400 funding applications have been approved and close to 390 technology promotion activities have been organized under the Programme.  In the light of the environmental benefits brought by the Programme, the Government has extended the Programme for another five years to 31 March 2020 with an additional funding of $150 million.  The new phase of the Programme has started inviting applications.  Eligible factories may apply for funding support to carry out the following projects:

(1)  On-site improvement assessments  - to identify the improvement potentials of participating factories and propose practical solutions on energy efficiency, emission reduction and minimisation of material consumption.  The Government will sponsor 50% of the assessment cost, subject to a funding ceiling of $28,000 per project; 

(2)  Demonstration projects  - to demonstrate the effectiveness of cleaner production technologies through installation of equipment and modification of production processes in participating factories.  The Government will sponsor 50% of the cost, subject to a funding ceiling of $330,000 per project.

Technology promotion activities such as seminars, factory visits, and exhibitions will be organised from time to time under the Programme for sharing of knowledge and experience in adoption of cleaner production technologies.

Under the new phase of the Programme, funding support will also be provided to trade and industry associations to carry out trade-specific promotion and publicity activities for promoting wider adoption of cleaner production technologies in different industries.

Hong Kong - Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners Recognition Scheme

2015 Hong Kong-Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners Recognition Scheme

To further encourage the Hong Kong-owned factories to adopt cleaner production, both governments of Hong Kong and Guangdong have been organising the Hong Kong-Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners Recognition Scheme (the Scheme) since 2009. Enterprises which have actively pursued and promoted cleaner production are commended to recognise their efforts. There are four categories under the Scheme -

  • "Hong Kong - Guangdong Cleaner Production Excellent Partners (Manufacturing)" - recognises Hong Kong-owned factories that have made continuous efforts in pursuing cleaner production with significant achievements.
  • "Hong Kong - Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners (Manufacturing)" - recognises Hong Kong-owned factories that have achieved good results in cleaner production.
  • "Hong Kong - Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners (Supply Chain)" - recognises sourcing enterprises which have actively encouraged their Hong Kong-owned factory suppliers to adopt cleaner production.
  • "Hong Kong - Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners (Technology Service)" - recognises environmental technology service providers which have made commendable efforts in promoting the Programme and providing good services to the participating factories of the Programme.

Starting from 2015, the Funding Scheme on Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction of Guangdong Province will grant a cash award of RMB50,000 to enterprises which have obtained the commendation for manufacturing category under the Scheme.

More Information and Application Guides

You are welcome to visit the Cleaner Production website for detailed information on the Programme and the Scheme, application guides and forms, upcoming events and case studies. You can also call the dedicated hotline 2788 5588 for any enquiries and assistance in application.

Cleaner Production Dedicated Website

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