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Partnership with Trade & Industry

Everyone can play a part in protecting the environment. That's why the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has formed partnerships with various industries and sectors to advance environmental awareness and protection in Hong Kong. Here you can learn about what these partnerships are and the activities organised.

Environmental Guide for Smart Business

The Guide introduces the local environmental infrastructure and legislative requirements relevant to trades and industries, and highlights how environmental measures and management tools can be incorporated into the daily business operation to forge a better and greener business environment. The structure of the Guide is carefully cast to suit a spectrum of local specific SME trades prevailing in Hong Kong.

Tax Deduction on Environmental Protection Facilities

To encourage the business community to use the environmental protection facilities, the Government has allowed a profits tax deduction for capital expenditure on environmental protection machinery and installation since the year of assessment 2008-09. With effect from the year of assessment 2010-11, the deduction was extended to cover the capital expenditure on environment-friendly vehicles.

Applying for Environmental Permits & Licences

To operate businesses in Hong Kong, you will need to observe the environmental protection ordinances and apply for permits and licences as required. Here you can learn about the legislation that has been enacted to protect the local environment, whether your business needs an environmental permit or licence, and how to apply for permits or licences.

Applying for Environmental Permits & Licences

Cleaner Production Partnership Programme

The manufacturing industry is facing many new challenges such as increase in material costs, slowing down in global economy, Mainland's requirements on industrial upgrading and tightening of pollution control as well as the more stringent requirements on their environmental performance imposed by their clients. This partnership programme would assist manufacturing enterprises to embrace these challenges through cleaner production.

Environmental Laws & Regulations

Hong Kong applies a number of international environmental protection conventions and has enacted a series of laws and regulations as part of the Government's commitment to environmental protection. Here you can learn more about these areas of concern, and how you can access guidelines or ordinance content that may affect your industry or business.

Environmental Laws & Regulations

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Given the limited amount of energy reserves available, we need to be constantly aware of the need for energy efficiency and conservation. Here you can learn about aspects of the Government's energy management, efficiency and conservation policy. Knowing more about these initiatives could provide you with ideas about how to be more environmentally friendly in doing business.

Corporate Environmental Management

Along with the global trend of green business and green living, more and more companies have been attaching great importance to protecting the environment. An effective means to achieve and demonstrate sound environment performance is to adopt an Environmental Management System (EMS) and produce environmental performance reports. You can find useful information in this article.

Recycling Fund

The Recycling Fund was launched in October 2015 and is open for application all year round. The Recycling Fund aims to promote the recovery and recycling of waste by facilitating the recycling industry to upgrade its operational capabilities and efficiency for its sustainable development.  Further information about the Recycling Fund is available on our website.

Recycling Fund
Last review date: June 2017