Information for Employees

The Definition of an Employee under the MPF System

Are you covered by the MPF System? Check the definition of a "Relevant Employee" under the system here.

MPF Employee Choice Arrangement

Employees can learn more about the Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA) and how they can transfer their accrued benefits to a trustee and scheme of their choice.

MPF Contributions

Find out how much MPF contributions you should make.

MPF Industry Schemes

Employees in the catering and construction industries can join the MPF Industry Schemes for more convenient participation.

MPF Funds and Features

Find an overview of MPF fund types, features, investment objectives, investment instruments, risk levels, and fees and charges.

MPF Calculators

Make use of the online calculator to estimate how much you will need for retirement, or calculate your MPF accrued benefits.

Look After Your MPF Investment

Check out the six major decision points in your lifelong MPF investment journey.

Compare Fees and Charges of MPF Fund

This online platform helps you compare information about fees and charges across difference schemes and funds.

Managing Your MPF Benefits When Changing Jobs

Read about ways to manage your MPF benefits when you change jobs.

Retirement Planning and Tips

Learn about how to plan your retirement, government services available for the retired and how to withdraw your MPF benefits upon retirement here.

MPF Benefit Withdrawal

Find out under what circumstances you may withdraw your MPF accrued benefits before the retirement age of 65.

Frequently Asked MPF Questions from Employees

Find answers to questions frequently asked by employees about the MPF System.