Points to Note for Further Studies

Continuing or returning to education can be a difficult decision to make. Here are some questions and advice to help you think it through.

Why Further Studies

First of all, why further studies? Understanding your motivation behind can help you decide whether this is the best option for you. The following questions may guide you to the answer.
You take up further studies to:

  • obtain a certificate?
  • improve your employability?
  • relieve the pressure of finding a job?
  • follow your parents’ advice?
  • enjoy learning and pursuing knowledge?
  • improve your career prospect?
  • convert to a new career?
  • escape from work?

What are your Goals

When you have made up your mind, it comes to setting your goals. Properly-defined goals can help map out your study or career path, and then you can choose the right course more easily and efficiently. The following points may give you some idea:

  • Identify short term and long term goals.
  • Short term goals can be operational, such as exploring an interest or obtaining a certificate to raise the chance of getting a job, etc.
  • Long term goals are related to your study or career path, like what kind of qualification you have to attain in order to fulfill your future study or career requirements.
  • Be specific in setting goals.
  • Consider carefully your interest and capability (e.g. time you can commit). Aim high but be pragmatic in setting your immediate goals.

Choosing a Course

There are many institutions offering continuing education in Hong Kong and abroad. You may be confronted with many choices. It is in your interest to gather more information about the courses you are interested in. Below are some points you have to consider when choosing a course:

  • Collect course information from various channels such as advertisements, friends and promotional leaflets.
  • Compare courses with similar content run by various training bodies.
  • Be discerning and don't be tempted by promises of the course providers.
  • Enquire about every detail of the course, such as the content, study mode, tuition fees, etc.
  • Consider your academic level and avoid selecting a course the level of which is too high or too low for you.
  • Allow yourself a few days to consider thoroughly before signing up.

Check out more tips on the link below.

Be a Smart Student

The following articles give you a brief introduction on some of the study options that are popular among people with learning aspirations.

Study options for S5 & S7 studentsStudy options for adult learners

Funding your Further Studies

Consider carefully your finances when choosing a course. You may have to explore funding opportunities. The Student Finance Office (SFO) provides various assistance schemes to students pursuing further education. Check out SFO’s website for more information.

Financial assistance schemes by SFO

Career Guidance

Careers Guidance Handbook for Secondary School Graduated provides comprehensive information on further studies, vocational training and study paths.

Careers Guidance Handbook for Secondary School Graduated

Some organisations also provide professional help and support services for S5 and S7 students.

Hong Kong Education City – Multiple Pathways (available in Chinese only)Hok Yau Club - Student.hkF.5 Broadband 27771112 Project of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (available in Chinese only)Hong Kong Children & Youth Services
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