Leisure Link System for Facilities Booking and Programmes Enrolment

The Leisure Link System (LLS) offers you convenient ways to reserve leisure facilities and enrol for recreational and sports programmes through different means. Here you can find out more details about LLS.

Booking through the Internet

There are three different ways to access Leisure Link Internet Booking Service (LLES).

  • Basic Version

It is for first-time online users and those who have not registered as Leisure Link Patrons (LLP). A user is only required to input his HKID Card number and telephone no. to start the service.

Access the Leisure Link Internet Booking Service (LLES)

  • Personalised Version

It is for frequent users of  LLS who have registered as LLP. A user can input his LLP number and password to start the service. By creating a personal booking profile, a LLP can make faster transactions online. While HKID Card holders can register as LLP, visitors or persons granted temporary stay in Hong Kong can also enjoy the service by applying for Leisure Link Temporary Patron (LLTP).

Leisure Link Patron Registration

Access the Leisure Link Internet Booking Service (LLES)

  • Easy Sign-on on MyGovHK Portal

MyGovHK Easy Sign-on function allows you to access LLES directly by just logging into your MyGovHK account after the linkup. You can enjoy a more convenient way to book facilities and enrol for programmes. The service is available to both LLP and LLTP registered after 3 June 2014. Records of facility booking and programme enrolment through Leisure Link System will be sent to “My Messages”, “My Calendar” and “To-do Items” of your MyGovHK account.

The linkup process is easy. Simply select “Access Leisure Link Internet Booking Service (LLES)” under My Online Services after logging into MyGovHK, and enter your personal information for authentication.

Access or Register with MyGovHK


Payment through the Internet

LLES accepts VISA, MasterCard and PPS to pay for confirmed bookings but the mobile LLES does not support payment by PPS. After payment, you are required to print the acknowledgement slip and present it for check-in at the venue before using the facility.


You may call the Enquiry Hotline at 2679 6822 from 7 am to 11 pm daily for help.

Other Channels to Book Facilities

Apart from LLES, there are other booking channels.

Leisure Link Booking Counters

Leisure Link Self-service Kiosks

A Citizen using a Leisure Link Self-service Kiosk

Last revision date: April 2019
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