Cultural Programmes

Music Office Trainee Portal

The portal enables Music Office trainees to view their training and payment information, update personal particulars and make course fee payments through the Internet. They can also enjoy the services more conveniently via MyGovHK now.

Cultural Presentations Highlights

The Cultural Presentations Section of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department promotes arts and culture in Hong Kong through performance programmes on theatre, dance, music, Chinese Opera, family entertainment and more. View current highlights, coming attractions, and special promotions on this website.

Audience Building and Arts Education

The Audience Building Office set up in early 2000 aims at promoting knowledge and appreciation of the performing arts at community and school levels through organising various audience building schemes and arts educational activities in co-operation with arts groups and educational institutions. Find out more details here.

Film Programmes

The Film Programmes Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department seeks to promote the appreciation of film and media art in Hong Kong. Discover the various programmes it offers and publications it produces.

Search for Cultural Programmes

Looking for cultural programmes? Search for current and upcoming cultural programmes by venue, type or date.

Free Entertainment Programmes

The Entertainment Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department organises festive events and free entertainment programmes throughout Hong Kong. View their highlights and coming attractions here.

Music and Dance

Music and dance are features of Hong Kong’s cultural life. Find out the extensive efforts made to encourage participation and events with both local and international significance.

Music Office Programmes

The Music Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department aims to promote music activity and training throughout Hong Kong. Learn more about the various programmes and events, plus all the latest news and special offers from the Office.

Enjoy Performing Arts

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department offers performing arts programmes ranging from the traditional to the cutting edge throughout the year. This article provides you with more information.

Interest Classes Sponsored by the Government

Here you can find out a great variety of high quality, professionally conducted interest classes that are sponsored by the Government, ranging from cultural topics to special classes and library activities.

Leisure and Cultural Activities for the Elderly

Learn about the community support services, leisure and cultural activities available for the elderly.

Indoor Leisure and Cultural Activities for Families

Here you can learn about the indoor activities provided by the Government for families in Hong Kong, including cultural activities, sports, exhibitions in museums and library activities.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department e-Magazine Service

Use this online service on MyGovHK to subscribe to the weekly LCSD e-Magazine free of charge, and personalise your LCSD e-Magazine according to your areas of interest.