Organisations & Websites for Persons with Disabilities

Managed by the Social Welfare Department, serves as a one-stop information centre for persons with disabilities and their carers. This website gives an overview of the rehabilitation services which assist people with disabilities in developing their physical, mental and social capabilities for their integration into the community. Tips on living as well as information on training and employment are also provided.

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Hong Kong Blind Union

The Union is the first self-help group organised and managed by people with visual impairment to provide comprehensive services to visually impaired persons in Hong Kong. In particular, the Accessible Digital Technology Centre, a strong arm of the Union, is established with the aim to promote the visually impaired community in the better use of information and communications technology (ICT). The centre provides a wide spectrum of ICT facilities and services. Among them, helpdesk service, technology publications and training courses are provided for capacity building of visually impaired people. In addition, the centre develops assistive software and sources various digital assistive tools for empowering the visually impaired people in their studies and workplace. Also, professional web accessibility evaluation and consultancy services are provided for private corporations and public organisations.

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The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

The Society provides rehabilitation, career support and development service as well as computer and entertainment facilities for the visually impaired. It runs physical and digital libraries and produces Braille and talking books.

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Information Accessibility Centre

Set up by the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, the Centre runs both physical and online digital libraries for the visually impaired. From this website, users can listen to or access the local daily English and Chinese newspapers and periodicals.

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Developed by the Information Accessibility Centre, this portal provides the visually impaired with practical information needed in their daily lives. Tips for using information technology and audio magazines are available.

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