IT Courses & Activities of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

A number of NGOs organise IT courses and activities targeted at different groups in the community. These organisations receive funding from the Government, and their courses are usually free or provided at a nominal cost. Here you can learn more about these courses and activities, and identify those that suit your needs and interests.

Caritas District Elderly Centres

The Caritas District Elderly Centres focus on providing conventional and non-conventional learning opportunities to the elderly. Open to people aged 55 years or over, the Centres offer courses in multiple areas, including IT. The IT courses cover:

  • The Chinese input method
  • Digitalising photos
  • Introduction to computing
  • Further computing skills
  • Surfing the Internet
  • CD and DVD burning

Information about the courses offered by individual District Elderly Centres, their locations and contact details are available from Caritas.

More on Caritas District Elderly Centres

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong offers a range of IT skills training, with a focus on providing learning opportunities for the disadvantaged groups including the new immigrants, marginal youth and young night drifters, other youth and the elderly. The Association's Children and Youth Service and its College of Careers provide courses in IT knowledge including:

  • Basic computer knowledge and skills
  • Chinese input methods
  • Internet access and usage
  • Techniques on various office applications such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software
Hotlines and addresses of service centres of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

Christian Action

Christian Action provides various types of computer skills training through its Training Services and Humanitarian and Social Services Divisions. The Training Services Division offers IT programmes under the Employees Retraining Scheme, as well as dedicated IT courses to parents through primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

The Humanitarian and Social Services Division organises IT training courses for new immigrants, ethnic minorities, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients, single parents, domestic migrant workers and asylum seekers.

These courses are available for a nominal administrative fee, and cover:

  • Basic computer and keyboarding
  • Chinese input method
  • Internet usage and homepage building
  • Techniques for various office applications such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software

Further information on these self-enhancement courses and their costs, locations and times is available from Christian Action.

Contact information of Christian Action Cyber Center (Available in Chinese only)More on self-enhancement IT courses (Available in Chinese only)

Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers

Representing over 26,000 teacher members, the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers promotes the development of education across Hong Kong.

The Federation provides free or nominally charged IT-related activities, notably the Youth U.S. Space Camp co-organised with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, the Youth IT Summer/Winter Camp and the 18 District Youth IT Elite Training Programme. The Federation works on the Elite Training Programme with 18 secondary schools that are proactive in IT education, with the aim of exploring the IT potential of teenagers.

Official website of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (Available in Chinese only)
Last review date: September 2016
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