Communications & Technology

Good Practices of Internet Users

Smooth, safe Internet operation relies heavily on the proper conduct of netizens. Observe the guidelines listed here and help make the Internet a better place for us all.

Good Practices of Internet Users

Government e-Services

Access the list of online services provided by different government bureaux and departments here.

Broadband Performance Test

Access the Broadband Performance Test System provided by the Office of the Communications Authority to measure the performance of your broadband connections.

"Wi-Fi.HK" Scheme

Learn more about the common Wi-Fi brand "Wi-Fi.HK", and search for "Wi-Fi.HK" hot spots offered by the public and private sectors totally free or with time-limited free service.

Location Information of Wi-Fi Access Points

Search for the location information of all registered Wi-Fi access points, including GovWiFi, in town by inputting the names of service providers and districts.

Location Information of Wi-Fi Access Points

Cyber Security Information Portal

This portal provides guidelines and cyber security tool information for general users, small and medium-sized enterprises and schools to conduct health checks on computers, mobile devices and websites, and gives practical advice to guard against cyber attacks.

Computer Recycling Programme

Find out how you can help avoid generating computer waste through this recycling programme.

Computer Recycling Programme

Caritas Computer Recycling Project (Available in Chinese Only)

You can help the needy by donating your computer and peripheral products. Check out the website of Caritas Computer Workshop for details.

Caritas Computer Recycling Project (Available in Chinese Only)

Voice over Internet Protocol Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service enables users to make and receive calls through mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. You can learn about the advantages and limitations of the service here.

Internet Learning Support Programme - "i Learn at Home"

Learn about the programme which aims to help eligible students and their parents acquire affordable computer equipment and Internet access services, and to provide them with user and social support.

Complaints against Telecommunications Operators

Check out the procedures for lodging complaints against telecom operators on possible breach of the Telecommunications Ordinance and learn more about how the complaints are handled by the Communications Authority.

Last revision date: November 2016