Cyber Ethics

The term "cyber ethics" refers to a set of moral rules or a code of behaviour applied to the online environment. As a responsible netizen, you should observe these rules to help make cyberspace a safe place.

Are You Using the Internet Responsibly?

Some people may have a lower standard of ethics in cyberspace as they thought there is no law governing the virtual world and their anonymity will save them from being detected. In fact, these are all misconceptions. The law also governs the Internet and you may attract legal liabilities if you perform the following activities:

  • posting obscene and indecent content on the Internet;
  • obtaining property or services online by deception;
  • spreading viruses or malicious codes; and
  • gaining unauthorised access to computers, etc.

Therefore, you should learn to be a responsible netizen so that you will not commit any technology crimes unknowingly or cause harm to others.

  • Do not store, send or disseminate any content which is likely to be offensive or obscene to a reasonable person.
  • Do not access any data, systems or networks without authority or permission.
  • Do not spread computer viruses or malicious codes, or conduct any hacking activities on other computers.
  • Respect all other Internet users. Do not threaten, harass, stalk or abuse anyone.
Good Practices of Internet Users

Staying Away from Cyber-bullying

You should also be reminded of the privacy and legal issues associated with cyber-bullying, and respect the right to privacy in the cyber world. Read the following publications and webpage to learn more about different forms of cyber-bullying, risks in sharing information online, how you can be protected by law, and what you should do when registering for social networks.

Cyber-bullying – What You Need to Know (PDF File)Protecting Online Privacy – Be Smart on Social Networks (PDF File)More on Cyber-bullying for Youngsters and Students

Tools for Teaching Cyber Ethics

Parents and teachers can make use of the following resources to educate children about cyber ethics.

Cyber Ethics for Students and YouthResources on Protection of Intellectual PropertyYoung People, Music & The Internet – A Guide for Parents (PDF File) (Available in Chinese only)Illegal File-sharing: The Risks Aren't Worth It (PDF File)
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