Tools for Travellers

Handy Tools for Travellers

Travellers can find out a list of tools and mobile apps that help to make their trips to Hong Kong hassle-free and more enjoyable.

"Wi-Fi.HK" Scheme

Learn more about the common Wi-Fi brand "Wi-Fi.HK", and search for "Wi-Fi.HK" hot spots offered by the public and private sectors totally free or with time-limited free service.

"Wi-Fi.HK" Scheme

Search for Licensed Hotels and Guesthouses in Hong Kong

Search here for the licensed hotels, guesthouses, holiday flats and holiday camps in Hong Kong.

Search for Licensed Travel Agents

All travel agents carrying on inbound and / or outbound travel agents business in Hong Kong are required to obtain a travel agents licence and become a member of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong. Search here for the licensed travel agents.