Doing Sports in Hong Kong

For the sports addicts, Hong Kong has all you want, indoors and outdoors. There are a comprehensive range of indoor sports facilities provided at a low cost. Its long coastline and undulating mountains offer great opportunities for water sports, hiking and other expeditions. This article will provide some useful tips for you.

Leisure Facilities

Public sports facilities provided by the Government include sports centres,  swimming pools, outdoor pitches or courts, fitness rooms, golf facilities and camping facilities. They are offered at a low cost and you can book them via Leisure Link, the online booking system operated by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD).

More on public leisure facilitiesAccess Leisure Link

Enjoy Water Fun

The sunny weather in summer and the beautiful beaches make Hong Kong an ideal place for water sports. Come and enjoy some beach fun, or dive in the waters to explore its marine life. You can also go sailing, kayaking or windsurfing at LCSD’s water sports centres.

Beaches and swimming poolsDiving in Hong KongWater sports centresBeach Water Quality

Outings in the Countryside

Step away from the shopping malls and treat yourself to some nature therapy in our mountains and country parks. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, cycling or simply blissful walking would give you a healthy dose of endorphin.

Camping, hiking and mountain bikingCycling in Hong KongCountry parksMarine parksFitness walking
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