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What is SFAA E-link?

The Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA) launched “SFAA E-link” (, a new integrated online service in July 2012. SFAA E-link provides a diversity of services including:

  • My Bills allows a registered user to view his repaying loan account information, including repayment schedule, repayment history of all repayment transactions and the most recent demand note information.  It also provides online payment service.

  • My Applications allows a user to view the application status of all his student financial assistance applications under SFAA.

  • Financial Calculators allows a user to calculate roughly the estimated amount of financial assistance to be available to him and the loan repayment amount he needs to repay.

  • Partial/lump sum repayment requests allows a user to make online request for partial/lump sum repayment.

  • Application for deferment of loan repayment allows a user to know the application procedures and download the application form.

 SFAA E-link

How can I use the service?

To use My Bills on SFAA E-link, you need to be a registered user.

To use My Applications, you need to provide certain personal information you have already provided in your application for financial assistance for the purpose of identity verification.  For other services, no registration or verification is required.

How to become a registered user of My Bills?

  • To register for My Bills on SFAA E-link,
    1. You must apply for a MyGovHK account first.

    2. You also need the ATM/PPS Reference Number or Loan Reference Number in the Demand Note or Letter of Commencement of Repayment issued by SFAA in respect of your loan account(s).

    3. Then follow the step-by-step guide to provide the above information for registration of My Bills on SFAA E-link.

 Access MyGovHK 

What are the benefits of using SFAA E-link services?

SFAA E-link services have the following benefits:

  • Convenient

    As a registered My Bills user, you can view all your SFAA loan accounts under repayment and other loan account information anytime.

    You can view the status of your applications for all student financial assistance under SFAA.

    You can make online requests for partial/lump sum repayment and obtain information of deferment of loan repayment application procedures and application form.

    You can estimate the financial assistance and repayment amount with the financial calculators.

  • Efficient

    As a registered My Bills user, you can receive demand note for loan repayment in electronic form.  A message will be sent to your MyGovHK message box or your registered email address in MyGovHK when an electronic demand note is issued.  Besides, if you have opted to receive SMS notification, an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile phone number upon issuance of the demand note. This could ensure timely receipt of the demand note and avoid non-receipt of the demand note.

    You can make your requests for partial/lump sum loan repayment to save time and the process can be speeded up.

  • Direct

    As a registered My Bills user, you can settle demand notes for loan repayment via the PPS online payment service through SFAA E-link.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    You can help saving paper and protecting the environment by using electronic demand notes and making online requests for partial/lump sum loan repayment.

  • Easy

    SFAA E-link is easy to access and operate.

    For My Bills service, registration is simple and easy.  It only requires a few steps.



For enquiries on SFAA E-link services, please email SFAA at 

Start Registration Today as My Bills user

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